About Emmanuel Ngwainmbi

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi has more than 35 years experience in freelance writing, editing, publishing, teaching, research and communication practice. For more than 30 years he made a living as a language and communication professor lecturing in the US, Asia, Europe and Africa; producing articles for newspapers and magazines, serving as a corporate communication and public relations and media consultant for a number of international development and financial organizations.

Today, he is the author of ten nonfiction and fiction books, and holds the Ph.D degree in adult education.

Personal History:

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi was educated in Cameroon and the United States where he received  a doctorate in Communication in 1991. He has taught at George Washington, Howard, St. Thomas, Morgan State Universities, and other institutions of higher education. Prior to joining the United Nations as communication and advocacy consultant, he was Director of International Programs and Head of the Department of Language, Literature & Communication at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, until 2006. Professor Ngwainmbi has also held senior positions in a number of regional, national, and international organizations.

Dr. Ngwainmbi has lectured widely in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. His writings have been described as  “Powerful”, “bringing a breath of fresh air”, “intriguing”, “mystical”, “magical”,  and with  “good riveting imagery”. Prof. Ngwainmbi  has been a commentator on Voice of America;  BBC-Africa; West Africa Democracy Radio, and other radio and cable television stations in the US, Europe and Africa on the topic of developing countries.