Professional Business Consultants that Bring Your Business to Africa

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi is an international business consultant that specializes in helping businesses, governments and organizations in their strategies abroad in Africa.


If your organization is looking to Discover the New Africa, you’re going to need an experienced communication expert.  Dr. Ngwainmbi has spent his career successfully helping organizations like yours build successful and sustainable efforts in Africa.  He can help you establish a plan that covers everything from the ground up in your new business/organizational adventure.   Some of the topics will include:


How do you establish an entity in Africa?

How do you make friends and build trust easily?

How do you buy something in the market?

Can you bargain and what are the best practices?

How do you deal with government officials?

How do you successfully negotiate deals?

How do you follow-up?

And much more.


The New Africa is drawing more and more attention from the world’s community.  Whether you have a church group, business, or nonprofit organization – you’ll need to do quite a bit of research and prepare for surprises before they happen.  Dr. Ngwainmbi can help prepare you so that your goals are met and with as little hassle as possible.

Lectures and Workshops

Workshops and lectures are available upon request on many topics such as:

  • Visa requirements
  • Cultural readiness
  • Understanding the local culture
  • Establishing a business in Africa
  • And Much More!!

Call to schedule your next event with us today! (Fees negotiable.)